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Where and How to Celebrate the Year 2000

Eiffel Tower, Paris
clouds There are more than 3,8 billion people around the world who want to know
    Make them clients of your travel or entertainment business advertising in probably the worlds best travel catalogue developed with the support of the UN by experts in global informatization.
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 Dear Decision Maker,

The International Informatization Academy with General Consultative Status at the United Nations, and the British-based publishing company 2000 Corporation are pleased to invite you to participate in our global publishing project: clouds

Where and How to Celebrate the Year 2000 (a part of the International World Millennium Program)

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Egyptian Pyramids
With the significant turning point of our age - the arrival of the third Millennium - almost upon us, people all over the world want to mark the great symbolic moment with the celebration that will be never forgotten. sun

One of the most obvious ways to celebrate this magic date and the year 2000 as a whole is to travel: to go to wonderful

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Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
far-away places in search of adventure,
to have fun at glorious Millennium parties, to relax on magnificent beaches...

This is the time when even those who have never before dreamt of exotic holidays and festivities will be tempted to treat themselves to the trip of a lifetime.

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Colosseum, Rome
The undoubtedly exceptional nature of the forthcoming event guarantees an unprecedented boom for the travel and entertainment industries, and advertising and information has an immense part to play. Any publication focusing on what the world has to offer for celebrating the new Millennium is almost doomed to success - but as the genuine specialists in global informatization, we believe we are in the very best position to let the world know what services you have to offer.
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Our unique, sumptuously-illustrated, glossy catalogue Where & How to Celebrate the Year 2000 will not only provide definitive information on major Millennium events around the globe, it will also feature a wonderful collection bird of the most splendid destinations of the world, including elegant hotels and resorts, deluxe air, sea and rail journeys, irresistible tourist attractions and adventure trips - in fact everything anyone could need to make their Year 2000 holiday totally unforgettable.